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I made up my mind, a long time ago, to resign and relinquish all pride and control in the name of THIS love. To be a fool in love. He gets, like no other will ever, access and free will to do as he pleases with my heart, soul and body. I’m okay with that.  A once in a life time vulnerability that only he can have and experience. I made up my mind awhile ago that THIS love… this time around… would be free of games and manipulation – simply pure, uninhibited, naked love… over exposed, transparent love.  The next man… if ever another, will know nothing of this FREE love.  There will be a cost… yes, a high ticketed price tag attached to loving me!  I know… I’m suppose to be strong, in check of my emotions… in control of my emotions, so my sister friends have told me. But that doesn’t work for me. I need all or nothing. I don’t have time nor the desire for the in between. Just raw, unfiltered, ever growing love!

He could never really know. The way he makes me feel.  No words will ever articulate my true feelings.  In fact, if I could find every word… if I could find a way to describe these feelings which are often hard for me to understand, I imagine those feelings couldn’t be as deep as I claim them to be.  But I’ll try:

  • That ”feeling some kinda’ way” kinda feeling.
  • That ”I only want to get closer when we fight” kinda feeling.
  • That ”don’t close the bathroom door because I can’t feel your presence” kinda feeling.
  • That ”where’s Cloud 90 because Cloud 9 is just the beginning of the way I feel” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”If I can just make it through the day” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “You’re mad at me and I’m turned on” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”The crowd disappears when you hold me on the dance floor” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”OMG… he’s calling me!” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “I can’t wait to see age 90 with you by my side” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “Feels like the first date every time we go out” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “When you’re away, my heart skips a beat, but is back in sync when you’re around” kinda feeling.
  • That “My heart melts when you look at me that way” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”You complete me” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”You are my strength and my weakness” kinda’ feeling.
  • That “Can’t get enough of that good stuff” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”I just need you near me” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”Thank you God for this man!” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”Lyric in my love song, and line in my poem” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”My heart smiles, laughs and flutters just when I look at you!” kinda’ feeling.
  • That ”Those days… when the kids are asleep, and its just you and me, feels like 16 years ago, when we first met, first touched, first connected” kinda’ feeling.

Boy, you make me feel some kinda’ way. From the moment I laid eyes on you, to this morning when I kissed you goodbye, and til’ the mornings to come. For you, I have eternal love!


Ronaya K.