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Ok, so I’m going to jump on this bandwagon…and I normally wouldn’t…but I’m gonna! I don’t know why folks are giving this woman such a hard time! I have to say…I have mixed feelings about this Rachel Dolezal. I am a bit tickled by the whole ordeal…but I’m not mad at her! Though she did lie and perpetrate for years (which she should’ve known would eventually catch up to her…however, I’m sure she never suspected to be oust by her parents…ouch!), I’m not sure how what she did is any different than what we (black people) have been socially accepted to do on a daily…and for years!

We change our hair/texture, skin color, eye color, adopt European culture, ways of life, proper speech (just kidding!), ultimately, we have willingly whitewashed our culture for the most part, fleeing from our roots and looking for greener grass.  But low and behold, the likes of Rachel who opt for the more colorful side of life… expressing her love for black culture where many of us fall short…helping to keep our culture thriving!


Truthfully, it’s kinda nice to see things flipped, and done so in such good taste! I think  she represented our people and culture well:

  1. She maintained a professional image;
  2. She landed a respectable position WHILE “being black” …that in itself is a plus (well, before knowing that it was a  position that could’ve gone to an actual black person…that kinda sucks…but she was still all about the cause, which brings me to my next point)!
  3. She advocated for her people…I mean…our people along the way …definitely a plus,
  4. She even got a soulful dedication song/video made just for her…just like only a sista can – I mean it was personalized, very detailed (TMI actually) and all …heck I’ve never had one of those made for me and I’ve been black all my life…seriously!
  5. She always kept her hair on point!
  6. She was thick in all the right places…and still kept it tasteful!! IJS!
  7. She seemed to be a kind, giving person…who pretty much stayed under the radar…not acting a fool…nor giving us a bad rep (when….it was an “us”).

I just don’t see where any harm was done! I mean really, we all have issues, so who are we to judge, right??!!  I was always taught that imitation is the greatest form of flattery!!  Flatter on lady, FLATTER on!! I say we gained one for where we’ve lost many!!

I do just have one question: How did her hairstylist miss the difference in hair texture when braiding her up… That “freestyle” wash-n-go texture looks nothing like her natural texture! She had to have known! IJS!

But all-n-all…way to go Rachel!! You Did That! Hope it was fun while it lasted! Now go…go share your story…tell the others about the black experience! Goooooo…………………………….!!!!!!

By: Ronaya K.