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Today, I vow to love harder, be more compassionate, and more understanding of everyone – near and far – than the day before. This can be hard, especially when we think we “know” what and how others should be and behave based on our narrow minded ways and perspective.  I’ve learned its so easy to judge others…misunderstand others…particularly without knowledge of their plight and existing place in their personal transformation.  After all, we are ALL constantly transforming! Some slower than others, some faster, and some with great struggle. So let’s not judge… let’s love unconditionally. Let’s celebrate each other, celebrate life and if you know or see someone sharing a part of themselves, patting themselves on the back for a job well done, doing something great in their life… making changes -however large or small – show them some love. Congratulate them, stroke them, “like” them, give them a holla… a shout out! Tell em’ they’re pretty, handsome, looking good, muy caliente, bringing sexy back, redefining sexy (I’m coining that one!), inspiring, radiating, glowing… LIFT THEM! Heck, life is a MUTHA-STICKA… so let’s lift one another!
DISCLAIMER: Always a disclaimer! IF, however, someone is just straight up ratchet, misrepresenting the human race, have no regard or respect for themselves or others, and their actions are bringing others down in the process, please just keep it real with them! They need a friend who is going to tell them what’s up! Be that friend! ; ) ijs!!!!! LOL!