People often ask me all kinds of Funny Ass Questions! So I thought I’d share with inquiring minds…jsf_APRIL_KHALIQ_PS1_(113)a

“Ronaya K., why don’t you date white men?”
Because I’m married

 “Ronaya K., why don’t you date women?
Because I’m married

“Ronaya K., why don’t you date me?
Because I’m married

“Ronaya K, you speak about everything. What won’t you speak about?
Anything with hard, concrete facts, timelines, dates, historical figures and/or references. I like to keep things abstract…free of nonsense details. you know…simple stupid!

“How did you know you wanted to become a public speaker/performance storyteller?”
When I realized I was only kinda good at most everything that entailed lots of details and very good and running my mouth. Not a whole lot required to do that successfully…just the gift of gab and making up stuff!

“Ronaya K, what is your favorite thing to talk about?”
Anything that doesn’t require me to have to open up a book for referencing and accounting for dates and such. If its not in my massive mental arsenal of astounding things to discuss, then I’ve got nothing to say about it, nor do I want to speak on it!

 “If you could create and package any product, what would it be?”
A rapid release gel tablet filled with my thoughts and ideologies. It would make spreading my message much faster and would be the hottest things on the market!

“Why do you sing with your presentation.”
I find it easier to hide subliminal messages within the lyrics and behind the melodies of my songs. No one will know what hit them!

“Why do you call it a dialogue and concert series when you don’t allow your audience to ask questions or engage?” I found more people are interested in coming when they think they will be “heard”. It’s not until they have paid and are already committed that I let them know otherwise! Mmmwwwahhh!

“How much do you charge for your concert/dialogue series presentations?”
Depends on whom for (i.e, family always pay a little more because its my way of incentivizing them to get their lives together and make more money so that they can experience the greater things in life…like me! I’m all about positive uplifting). It also depends on how much leg I plan to show!

“Beyonce has an alter ego too..Sasha Fierce. Would you say you were copying her with your whole alter ego deal?”
No, I was born first.

“Why Ronaya K on stage and not April?”
April’s boring …and narcoleptic! Can you imagine watching her perform…it’d be a disaster.