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I’m not sure when I became okay with failure… unfazed, unaffected. I’m not sure exactly when I became unperturbed by the knock downs, rejections, scrapes, bruises and let downs. I can’t fully recollect the day I chose to embrace the challenges, set backs and losses. I suppose it was when I first experienced how exhilarating it felt to get back up …and try again. Or maybe it was when I realized my plight was nothing compared to the many who suffer more than I do on a daily basis, who struggle harder, and who push through more.


No, no…I think it was when I was simply told by my Creator that “…each time you fall and get back up, you will be stronger and better! So get back up and keep moving!” Yes! THAT is when I became unfazed, unaffected, unperturbed (I like that word!) in my failures….when it was revealed to me that MY failures will bring me GROWTH; so now I FAIL gracefully – with no worry, no concern, no fear – in order to succeed.


Failure is the KEY to UNLOCKing your full potential and ultimately UNLeashing the WHOLE, REAL you! So what are YOU waiting for? Don’t be afraid…join me in FAILING to SUCCEED!
XOXO Ronaya K