YOUUnleashed Workshop_CoverStories Unleashed Performance Storytelling Workshops were created to offer a shared space for creative expression, connecting, healing, learning, transforming, unlocking and unleashing a dormant YOU. The Workshop fosters self actualization and offers participants a platform for creative and exploratory freedom, discovery of hidden treasures, truths, talents and their very own personal stories. Through storytelling we learn that all of our lives do in fact intersect. Our stories are not our own, and it is through the sharing of stories that we learn, grow and become.

Participants will be able to express more freely and creatively, utilize the art of storytelling – in both written and performance formats and gain confidence in speaking publicly and in speaking their truth/story.  Participants will have the option to participate in RKs “Stories Unleashed” episodic movement/production.


  • confidence
  • creative expression
  • public speaking
  • socialization
  • self healing/actualization


  • helps us deal with life’s challenges
  • improves our understanding of identity
  • encourages us to loosen up about our life’s imperfections
  • inspires other’s with similar stories to overcome and keep going
  • educates
  • transform lives
  • humanizes, humorizes and colorizes our lives!

 length of workshop | 3 hours / half a day / 3 day / customized per request