RK_UNPlug_logoTwo words: UNLOCK. UNLEASH.  Whether you’re looking to energize a group of uninspired students or tapped out company staff, Ronaya K. Speaks! Empowerment Series is the perfect way to do just that…UNLOCK and UNLEASH potential, while inspiring creativity and forward movement.

Ronaya K. Speaks! Empowerment Series inspires participants to believe in their divine ability to shape their own life, redefine business as usual and actively seek their personal truth and purpose, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives while being the best version of themselves for not only their personal life, but that of their partner, family, company and community.

Ronaya K. comes packed with over 30 years of personal, corporate, business, parenting and relationship experience as well as divinely bestowed gifts and intuition! Combining all of her experience, passions and talents into one, Ronaya K. delivers inspiring, practical and engaging talks using, song, spoken word and storytelling…sprinkled with a bit of humor!

Ronaya K. Speaks to the hearts and souls of her audience, encouraging them to UNPLUG, UNDO, UNDRESS …AND UNLEASH, reaching the heights of their divine design.

Ronaya K. Speaks! Empowerment Series includes motivational keynote talks and workshops.


Brand YOUYouth Audience/Entrepreneur/Corporate
Addresses importance of identifying and defining personal brands, and how one’s personal brand impacts relationships, opportunities and life as a whole. The presentation focuses on objectives related to character development, individuality, leadership, and entrepreneurship.
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BiPolar LiberationWomen/General
A true story about the battle faced within as we strive to break free from limitations. RK shares her personal struggles with living a double life and the journey to discovering, embracing and loving her whole self, despite the expectations of others and the world around her.  The message is about living a life true to one’s whole being and owning the power and freedom to be all of you…the whole you!
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