jsf_APRIL_KHALIQ_PS1_(165)RK Unleashed Concert Series offers entertainment at its best!  Featuring Ronaya K. as a one woman act, Ronaya K. unleashes and celebrates the best version of herself, in her incredibly entertaining productiions, as well as her love for creative expression. Smart, fun and always on time, RK shares her personal truths about LOVE, LIFE and the INBETWEEN in a very transparent, free and real way, while incorporating spoken word, live music, and storytelling. The experience is electrifying!

RK UNLeashed Concert Series is both empowering and entertaining, and is a great treat for couples events, date night, anniversaries, church groups, corporate events or any special event! You may also find RK UNLeashed performing at local venues.

RK UNLeashed productions are written, directed and produced by Ronaya K. and may include a full band as well as accompanying artist to help tell her story through creative expression.


Tribute to LoveA Story About Love and All Its Colors
“Tribute to Love” is a signature performance that is currently available for booking and touring. An empowering and inspiring experience, perfect for couples events, church groups, retreats, seminars, community events or any special event!
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Still BreathingA Celebration of Voices! 
Inspired by Nina Simone’s courage and song “Mississippi Gotdam” and recent events that have impacted our country, “Still Breathing” is a bold and colorful, yet insightfully artistic perspective on a long standing historical message, one that echoes freedom, justice and equality. “Still Breathing” celebrates VOICES of past and present that have helped shape change and forward movement of a community, country and human race, using spoken word, song and storytelling.
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Stories Unleashed:An Episodic Movement…(Coming Soon)
A spin-off of Stories Unleashed Performance Storytelling Workshops, the production “Stories Unleashed” is an episodic movement, a collection of stories, from all walks of life, shared in the spirit of connecting lives and humanizing the human race, through storytelling! But not just any ole’ storytelling! Participating Unleashers from the Stories Unleashed Workshop Series are invited to share the stage with Ronaya K. to PERFORM their stories using a variety of artistic contributions, including spoken word, dance, music, song and others. Each production varies in topic/theme, mood, telling the story of many stories, and ultimately creates a dynamic and unique experience for all to bear witness.
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RK Unleashed Productions are available for booking for your special event, or you can find Ronaya K. performing at local venues. Also available are customized productions for your special event. Contact k.ronaya@gmail.com for more details.

RK Unleashed also includes the following performance offerings:
- Singer
- Poet