FounderGroup_imageI have many passions, but among my favorite top three (in the ranks of motherhood/wifehood and storytelling!), is my love for the budding potential and development of our youth, particularly young girls who require reinforcement and a little nudge to help them realize their potential.

Because of this passion, in year 2009 I started a girls organization called Get-up and Go Girls! (GGG) which empowers young girls to discover their self worth, potential and direction in life.

Get-up and Go Girls! is a PURPOSE driven organization, offering a Chapter Club Series which helps young girls to discover self worth, full potential/purpose and direction in life. We empower young girls to want more out of life, go after more in life, work with each other in life and contribute to “life” in a big way! GGG’s curriculum is built around the notion that before our girls are doctors, mothers, lawyers, wives, engineers, entrepreneurs, they are individuals…human first. They are to tend to the “life” within before contributing to others’. They must nurture, nourish and love themselves. We equip our girls to first be young ladies of character, confidence, compassion, creativity, pride, service and humility, before they take on any role in life. Everything else will fall into place!

With the support of 501c3 organization Phoenix Women’s Outreach, Inc. and ongoing support from parents, mentors and community, we are able to offer programs and projects that develop our girls at the core…creating a solid foundation for each girl to build onto their future. And with the essential tools they learn through Get-up and Go Girls! they will write their own stories and lead happy, fulfilling lives…aligned and on course with their PURPOSE. All of our Ronaya K. Speaks [link to page in new site] Concert Series Productions benefit Get-up and Go Girls initiatives and operations.

Visit our website at and our Facebook page.

A percentage of all RK UnLeashed performances goes towards Get-up and Go Girls. Your donations help support our programs, initiatives and club operations. Please DONATE  today!