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1653831_275816149244806_344611445_nAs long as you know this is not how I look all of the time,
Eyes bright, chest high, shoulders back, looking all fine!
You may get inspired, feel threatened, or think I think I’m two snaps and bag of chips,
but really, you just caught a pretty good selfie, showing my best side, with the right light, just missing my protruding bottom lip.

As long as you know, my fro ain’t always this fly!
Perfectly picked and meshed, never leaving any part too high!
Creating the illusion of effortless perfection, set just right for the lens’ magic trick.
If only you knew how many times it truly took to tame and frame and…click, click, click, hair this ethnically thick!

As long as you know, my world ain’t peachy peach and rosy pink,
Despite what you read and images you see, I still end some of my days needing a strong drink!
I fantasize about packed bags and long trips… one way trips, ending with a long dip…sometimes not coming up for air!
Depending on the day, you may find me beating on the floor, pulling at my fro, rocking to and fro, yelling “Life Just ain’t fair!”

As long as you know, my man may look good, but he flawed too!
He works my nerves like most men do!
So patient and cool about everything in his world, not getting my brand of crazy… just all normal and sh*t!
Posted up on the side lines, with his popcorn, salted pretzel and wine, watching while I spin out of control, running into…….sh*t!

As long as you know my ambition does not always equal finesse and control,
I’ll grab a bull by its horns, climb a mountain in the cold, jump out of a moving train, doing all without… my clothes!
I am the peanut butter without the jelly, leaping two steps forward, while leaning back one,
I’ll master plan my entire future, forgetting about today and the inbetween and find the challenge of getting there… quite fun!

As long as you know ….YOUR perception of me is absolutely 100% reality!
I’m as fly as you think, my world borders perfection and my husband – he’s the best and he worships me!
My future’s quite bright, I’ll be rich by 35, and my life I’ve master planned since I was eight,
And my fro? Well, lets just say my lustrous strands, they often dance, preluding their perfect shape!

Ronaya K. Copyright August 2013