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I am always amused by how shocked folks are about much of anything that makes mainstream news today! As if to be living under a rock! Its all the same: History repeats itself… good continues to battle opposition… the universe manifests that which we feed it… new events are simply a result/by product of what we condone, as a society, yet seem to conveniently forget…hypocrisy is alive and well, as it has been for centuries…yadi, yadi, yadi!

Yes, yes…I get it…we need things to talk about…we need to be reminded…lead to believe… that our lives are perhaps not all that bad compared to the pathetic lives of others, human enough to LIVE imperfectly and be ridiculed and torn apart by judging eyes and spectators (what an easy job), and so we, like starving hyenas await the next circus act we affectionately refer to as news or someone’s life…and we wait…until we have been fed just enough to satisfy our cravings (or insecurities)… until they return again. Haven’t you noticed people…crazy is the new normal! Aye!

To feel entertained…yes I get that, but shocked, outraged…real emotions about the inevitable mess of a world we created and live in! Nah! I for one embrace the phenomenon! Keep living…its only gonna get more interesting! ; ) #TheMonsterWeCreated #keepliving #RealIssuesResonate #changedperspective #ImEntertained