1. Unleashed

This single is dedicated to stories Untold!

“Unleashed” was written in the midst of my personal transformation, originally entitled “Taking It”. It came about during somewhat of an improv session with myself and at the time 12 year old daughter, who strung along a catchy fast tempo rhythm on her junior guitar as I sang out loud freely, with my eyes closed, the words in my heart, unaware of the fire and story I held within. I had no idea that it would later define my platform and evolve into the song it is today! The song was later mellowed down by the brilliant artistry of Adam Shows who immediately realized the song’s potential, loved on it for quite some time (several months!) sought and found the soul of this song, infusing it with blues and rock influenced acoustics and percussion. I began to hear my story come to life! It was finally, fully brought to life by the incredible talent and production of Chris Rockaway who masterfully took all elements – rawness, soul, rock, rhythm and blues, and created a magnificent, gumbo-licious track that meshed perfectly with my heart’s story.

“Unleashed” is the theme song to the lives of those with burning desires, unfinished business, something to prove, life to live, for those who receive a whisper of readiness and aren’t afraid to jump, for those unafraid of change, for those who have had enough, are ready to let go, without looking back, and in full faith, ready to take what is to be there’s! Unleashed is a simple mathematical equation of what is minus what used to be, something powerful that is removed quite suddenly, a state of mind, a way of life, a commitment to oneself to be all that she or he is divinely designed to be. This single represents everything that speaks of new beginnings and forward movement, and I hope that like all that I do, it will inspire many to UNLEASH and to live a life in pursuit of their greatest self, living boldly…and UNAPPOLOGETICALLY!

Special thanks to Adam Shows for your relentless time and energy towards this song, and quite honestly towards me. For seeing something in me and constantly reminding me of my potential and for waking that sleeping giant in me! For sharing your space, time, friendship, expertise and personal transformation with me. You will always be acknowledged and appreciated as an intricate key contributor to the person I’ve evolved into artistically. Love you!! Also special thanks to Chris Rockaway for producing this track and bringing much life to it! You rock!