jsf_APRIL_KHALIQ_PS1_(170)Ronaya K. is a Performance Artist, Speaker and Storytelling Extraordinare with an insatiable appetite to inspire others to UNLEASH their potential. Ronaya K. LIVES outside of “the box” and thrives on the challenge of defining her own path and being true to her purpose.

A true believer of boundless living, Ronaya K. has discovered the secret to happiness is being complete, whole and living a life aligned with her passions and God given talents. The mother of three beautiful daughters and wife to lifelong love, Ronaya K. lives out her passions daily as mom, wife, humanitarian, writer, speaker, singer, poet, artist and entrepreneur! She is also the founder of organization Get-up and Go Girls, an organization helping young girls discover their self-worth, full potential and direction in life.

As a lover of words and the arts, Ronaya K. shares her personal truths, beliefs and experiences using a variety of art forms and communication styles. Her energetic speaking style and electrifying stage presence warms hearts, lifts spirits, and fuels hope, for all audiences.

Though unconventional and candid in nature, Ronaya K. Speaks to the hearts and souls of her audience, encouraging them to UNLEASH, reaching the heights of their divine design.

As an inspirational speaker, story teller and performer, Ronaya K. aspires to inspire others to realize and fulfill their potential and live their purpose.
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